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Waterland has various walking routes marked with blue sticker which vary between 5 and 16 km. The routes take in grass dikes, quiet country roads and pastures.

Holyslootroute (15 km)
Monnickenroute (16 km)
Uitdam route (16 km)
Wandelen rond Broek in Waterland (11 km)
Watergangroute (13 km)

Bicycle through Waterland

Canoe or Electric Whispering Boat:

A canoe or electric whispering boat is an ideal means of transport for exploring Waterland and open the way to places that are only accessible by ship.

De Paashaas, tel: 020-4031492

Recreation in Waterland

Rural Waterland is special enough for the Netherlands to designate it as one of the National Landscapes, because of its particular cultural, historical, natural and scenic qualities.

Mainly consisting of peat meadows, Waterland is extremely suitable for cycling, hiking, swimming, skeelering and other outdoors activities.

Look at: www.recreatienoordholland.nl

view over the water

Bicycle :

National Landscape Waterland has plotted out six wonderful bicycle routes through the area, the lengths of which vary between 30 and 40 km. The routes take in tranquil country roads and bicycle paths. Alternatively, make use of the bicycle junction network which allows you to establish your own route and cycle from one junction to the next.

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Wonderfull bicycle routes :
Durgerdam route (35 km)
Cycling from Amsterdam CS to Broek in Waterland and return


Broek in Waterland: WIM, Laan 44, tel: 020-4031462

Monnickendam: Ber Koning tel: 0299-651267

Edam: www.tontweewielers.nl

Typical Waterland