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Villages and cities in Waterland

Volendam’s HarbourVolendam is a village with town aspirations. It is world famous, not only from a tourist standpoint: because where are the eels fatter and where are there more pop groups in abundance? Read Through...
Typical Houses from MarkenMarken has succeeded in retaining its singular island character. This becomes evident when walking through historic Marken and taking in the 184 listed buildings of the island. Alternatively, consider a walk around Marken (zuiderzeepad of Wervenroute, ca 9 km) a real must. Read Through...

Broek in Waterland

Take the opportunity to cycle, canoe or visit one of several listed buildings, have a bite toe at or stroll through the protected rural area.


The buildings, mostly dating from the 17th and 18th century, concentrate around the Havenrak. Perceptive hikers will see that some houses have a square roof at the back. These ‘squares’ mostly date from approximately 1650 and probably served as a cowshed until the early 18 century.

It is also a wonder that there is so much space and quiet to be found right next to the busy Zaan region, a stone’s throw from Amsterdam and directly beside the most popular national tourist sights.

Typical Houses from Broek in Waterland

Look at :

De Drie Noten
Pannenkoekenhuis De Witte Swaen
Theetuin 't Einde
Eetcafé 't Dijkhuis

View over the water